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GEWO Blade Force ARC OFF
판매가격 : 170,000
적립금 :0
상품상태 :신상품
배송방법 :택배
원산지 :독일
제조사 :게보(Gewo)
브랜드 :게보(Gewo) [브랜드바로가기]
출시일 :2018-11-01
제품상태 :
그립 :
총 금액 :



This component production is made with a 7 layered offensive blade. It combines the High-Tech-Materials Carbon and Aramid (ARC)

with high quality, deposited wood veneers. Carbon provides high speed and extreme stability, and Aramid provides a good feeling.

Feel the balanced hardness and the optimal feeling. Consistent playability on nearly the entire blade by specially selected veneers.

The achieved stiffness leads to a high stability and a straight pressure in the game. The high strained, stabilizing Aramid Carbon layers

provide extra speed, that you need for a powerful and dynamic offensive play. Powerful play with the consistent variations of the ARC

materials.This blade is break-proof and has got enlarged ´Sweet-Spot´. Extreme topspin balls and precise counter and block balls are

possible at any time. With the Force ARC each player can place the ball close to the table perfectly and act out of half distance with fast

and hard topspins.The premium blade Force ARC is recommended for topspin players with main focus speed, who want the rally to be

aggressive and want to impose the opponent´s own game. Feel the best accuracy in all your strokes and win the points decisive.


Additionall product detailse

Speed: 97

Control: 85

Characteristics: Offensiv

Weight (g): 85

Layers: 5+2