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GEWO Blade Power Control
판매가격 : 70,000
적립금 :0
상품상태 :신상품
배송방법 :택배
원산지 :독일
제조사 :게보(Gewo)
브랜드 :게보(Gewo) [브랜드바로가기]
출시일 :2018-11-01
제품상태 :
그립 :
총 금액 :



New design and better playing features. This blade offers excellent control at surprising speed!

The new Power Control unites the power of an offensive blade with the great feel of an all-round blade. For attacking all-rounders relying on precision.

It combines lightness, great feel, control and power in a "tamed" variant. With precise blocking and controlled or fast variable-spin strokes,

you can put great pressure on your opponent, while you are in control of ball placement at all times.

Recommended for players who prefer acting from mid-distance or for close-to-the-table, variable-spin players.

This blade is also ideal for counter-attackers/blockers thanks to its direct and sensitive feedback.


Additional product detailse

Speed: 86

Control: 89

Characteristics: Offensiv-

Weight (g): 80

Layers: 5